Mare Bonus

Massive New BOBS Bonus To the Registered Breeder Of Mares whose progeny win a BOBS bonus.

The highly successful BOBS bonus scheme has been changed to include a significant new bonus payable to the Registered Breeder of mares breeding to BOBS stallions. 

Commencing from August 2017, the conditions of BOBS will be altered for a three-year trial to pay $2 million of bonuses to the registered breeder of mares breeding to BOBS eligible stallions. This will be financed by Racing NSW contributing a further $1 million per annum to BOBS. 

The table below summarises changes to the structure of broodmare bonuses replacing stallion bonuses: 

Bonus Type Existing Mare Bonus Replaced by New Mare Bonus
Metropolitan Saturday Races $500.00 $5,000.00
Metropolitan Weekday, Highway Races $250.00 $2,500.00
Provincial, Country TAB Races $125.00 $1,250.00
Non-TAB Races $31.25 $312.50


Importantly, the amount of BOBS bonuses payable to the owner, trainer and rider of BOBS bonus winning horses is unchanged.

The mare breeder is classed as the registered breeder (as set out in the Australian Stud Book) of the mare at the time of the foal being born.

BOBS Bonus to the Mare Registered Breeder